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Konstadinos Lahanas talks bringing justice to real life horror stories

The moment that Konstadinos Lahanas steps onto a stage or stands in front of a camera, he immediately transforms. He becomes an entirely different person, adapting himself to any situation that he encounters. That’s what he loves about acting. It challenges him to try something for the first time whilst making it seem as though he has been doing it his whole life. He thrives on the need to keep his skills fresh and evolve as an artist on a daily basis. Beyond that, he finds himself addicted to the relationship that he forms with his audience, each role presenting a new, unique connection.

The highly sought-after actor has experienced this rush on a number of different occasions. He is well known for his roles in Greek films and television series’ such as Lola, The Disappearance, and The Pilgrim. He also earned himself recognition across Europe in one of the yogurt powerhouse, Yoplait’s, larger marketing campaigns. The advertisement featured Lahanas' ease before the camera in an advertisement framing Yoplait’s yogurt as being as equally as delicious and nutritious as Greek yogurt. It is perhaps within his work in 2011 on Family Stories, however, that an audience can fully grasp the strength of Lahanas’ acting capabilities.

This hit series, produced by Greek television network, Alpha TV, re-enacts true stories of regular people facing a variety of life problems. For the series, Lahanas seized the unique opportunity to portray a young father who became the victim of a terrible mistake that a team of doctors made when they accidentally switched the newborn babies of two families at birth. It was in this lead role where Lahanas was able to truly showcase his versatility as an artist. It is not everyday that an actor is tasked with the demand of playing such a dynamic character. Lahanas had to be able to display a wide array of emotions in a short period of time. He had to master moments of despair and anxiety, whilst also demonstrating the spouts of hope and optimism that the situation entailed. Lahanas effortlessly transitioned between each emotion and more with great success.

When asked about his work on the project, Lahanas humbly replied that for him, this opportunity was about more than just the satisfaction of earning himself a lead role in a well-known television series. He was simply enticed by the fact that this challenging role would allow him to test every lesson he’s ever learned as an actor. Not only that, it would also allow him to do great justice to the horrific reality that the young man he portrayed had to live through.

In addition, Lahanas found that this role motivated him to look deeper into himself for the benefit of his character. Lahanas, who is used to going the extra mile for his work, found that this not only flavoured his career, but also helped him to develop on a more personal level.

“What I loved about working on this project was that I was tasked with playing the role of a father since I, myself, am not. Preparing for my role pushed me to search within myself for any fatherly instincts that I may have by nature. It increased my sensitivity to the matter and I think it truly helped me to showcase the diverse qualities that my character demanded. I was able to demonstrate his vulnerability and his frustrations, but also his genuine fatherly instincts,” told Lahanas.

Where most actors would struggle to tune into the raw, human emotions required for such a tragic tale, Lahanas managed to soar. He was driven by his desire to do true justice to the man who lived this horror and to other young parents who would understand the fear of experiencing something similar. Lahanas is passionate about producing the best possible material for his audience and felt that Family Stories, in general, is a crucial series to bring to the world.

“The show is so important as it focuses on true stories of real people and situations that they’ve managed to find strength in overcoming. It does a phenomenal job of displaying the journey that these individuals embarked on to overcome their issues and deal with their emotions. Ultimately, it emphasizes the importance of remaining human in the face of adversity, no matter how hard a situation may seem at the time,” said Lahanas.

With a passion for acting as intense as Lahanas, it comes as no surprise that directors, producers and co-stars alike are thrilled by the prospect of working with him. Dimitris Antzus, who has worked with Lahanas on a number of occasions, raves about the pleasure of witnessing such authentic talent.

“Working with Konstadinos is unique. His professionalism and sheer discipline are paramount during critical points of shooting. As far as I am concerned, he possesses a natural talent whereby he can transition flawlessly in every kind of situation. His vast emotional intelligence is also apparent during all of his performances,” recalled Antzus.

Lahanas’ relentless desire to do what he loves for a living has secured him many roles to-date, but he has no intention of stopping yet. The dedicated actor is only interested in furthering his acting abilities and expanding his experience wherever possible.

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