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Nike has proven multiple times over that they are an innovator. The company is as forward thinking as many of the athletes who endorse their products. This doesn’t exclude the amateur athletes who share a similar affinity for the brand. By utilizing both of these bases and embracing them as part of the identity of the company, Nike has evolved in the way that they interact with those in harmony with their credo. The company’s “London’s Fastest” campaign is another in a series of offerings which exhibits their belief that connecting directly with those interested in its core values is essential. By directing their efforts in particular towards the youth market in this campaign, Nike invited yet another generation into the understanding that challenging oneself pays off in multiple dividends.

The event, held on August 13th 2017 at the Tate modern, was as much a moment of community and connection as it was an opportunity to test one’s self. The campaign leading up to the event included out of home advertising, digital media, as well as event creative and retail marketing installations at NikeTown London and key retail partners in the UK. In yet another effort to interest and motivate the youth, influencers and athletes were photographed and positioned at the forefront of Nike’s latest campaign. Included in the presentation were DJ and radio presenter Martha Pazienti Caidan, runner and athletics trainer Ocean Lewis, professional sprinter CJ Ujah, and others. Nike chose each influencer for their notoriety in their chosen professional as well as a love for running, whether it be recreational or professional. The idea most essential to the message was that running is not just for the older generation, anyone can get out there and have fun with running.

“London’s Fastest” was awarded the coveted European Nike award of the Nike Maxim Create the Future of Sport awarded for the most impactful campaign for mobilizing the youth via sport. Producer Jessica Piper alongside Ryan Belmont the Art Director was a key figure in Nike’s Brand Design London based team which implemented the campaign. One of the most striking and motivating elements of “London’s Fastest” were the images created for it. Piper oversaw the production of all the artwork ranging from online to retail, billboards and eventually those displayed at the actual event. Every aspect of these images, which combined photography and illustrations in a culture clash style, was led by Piper, Belmont and their production team. The massive turnout at the Tate modern and the award received confirms that the approach was well conceived and resonated profoundly. Jessica states, “Ultimately, we wanted to make it a fun campaign. We wanted to create a feeling of excitement, a real shared moment that reminded London how good it is to take part and compete in something a bit different. With “London’s Fastest” Nike proves once again that inspiration is the driving force for them as a company and for their base.

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