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Creative Producer Paola Erazun Electrifies the Fashion World

Creative Producer Paola Erazun moves through the fashion world like a flame, a shimmering, ephemeral force that generates heat wherever she goes. The fast moving visionary has a knack for transitioning world famous brands into the digital age and providing them a fresh new clientele that significantly enhances and expands their followers.

A graduate of the prestigious Instituto Europeo di Design and Spain’s distinguished, centuries old Complutense University, the Argentina-born Erazun began her professional life in fashion based in Madrid.

“I was working as fashion stylist, but I always felt something was missing in my career,” Erazun said. “So I started doing creative production and styling in every job I was doing. I mixed both things together and that gave me a complete perspective. I was creating ideas, finding the locations, finding the right people and styling all the photo shoots. I conceive the entire project and make it happen from beginning to the end”

Erazun’s impeccable sense of style, comprehensive knowledge of the market’s current trends and consumer tastes has made her one of the most in-demand Creative Producers in the fashion world. Prized for her uncanny knack for staying two steps ahead, Erazun’s priceless instinct allows world-famous franchises to gain even greater prominence, and one of the best examples of her achievements is her association with internationally renowned luxury label Dior.

“I had known the Dior team in Spain for several years when I was working as fashion stylist,” Erazun said. “They told me they were looking to start up in the digital area and I prepared a proposal for them. They loved my concept and we did it.”

“The idea was to take the most popular Spanish fashion bloggers and do something elegant with them, make them princesses for a day” Erazun said. “I using Dior’s Junior brand’s official make-up artist and we dressed them all up in Christian Dior clothes, We created a beautiful photo shoot and video for each of them, with make-up tips and a fashion shoot, just like celebrities. They each did a post in their blogs and we worked with a print fashion magazine too.”

Erazun’s groundbreaking concept not only drew a new youthful following to the brand, it elevated the already popular bloggers to celebrity status—a typical Erazun outcome, where her original concept has a positive effect on everyone involved

“Everyone was talking about it,” Erazun said. “It was the first time bloggers dressed up in Dior and it was a real success. The Paris headquarters was very happy with the results because made them all look very elegant—in true Dior style.”

Erazun’s alliance with Dior significantly raised her professional profile and established her as a force to be reckoned with. “The brand wanted to get into a younger audience and they definitely did,” she said. “Everything just worked out smoothly, and the outcome was 135,000 visitors in three weeks, with an average 3.45 minute time on site. This was the beginning of tons of amazing new projects with Givenchy, Levis, Nivea, L'oreal, Cartier and Tiffany’s.”

Characteristically, Erazun’s results speak for themselves, as Dior Director of Communication Sylvie Durcudoy made clear: “I have worked with Paola since 2009, doing editorial content and beauty productions as a freelancer and for the digital media she’s involved with, like fashionsalad and stylekiu. Paola is a highly reliable and dedicated professional, very creative and well connected to the fashion and beauty industry. She has been extremely helpful helping our brand to go from print to digital in a very critical period.”

Erazun continues to illuminate the fashion world and is constantly expanding her roster of clients and creative concepts. “My goal now is to get into some great projects in the U.S.A.,” she said. “I would like to help high end brands to grow, guiding them into the right direction for better image and marketing.”

“I’d also love to have my own brand, and I am getting there, I have some exciting ideas,” Erazun said. “Whatever you do, do it like is the greatest project of your life, and always do it with passion—when you are passionate about what you do, you can achieve whatever you want.”

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