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Guilherme Ribeiro talks new music project Welocalize

Throughout his career, Guilherme Ribeiro has shown that he knows not only how to write, but also how to be innovative. The online content writer has an immense understanding of today’s world, and his writing connects with readers not only through his words, but also his online presence. He is a leader of his industry in Brazil, and readers around the world have been subject to his talents.

While working with the station TV PUC on his award-winning series Paternidade Ausente, Histórias Incompletas, the leading Latin American network Globo TV with their news portal G1, and the compelling documentary series Toxic Rio, Ribeiro’s sense of in-depth news reporting shines through. However, that isn’t where his passion lies.

“I love trending things, good restaurants, nice trip tips and cultural information about my country and the whole world. When working with news, I couldn’t write about nice things only. I used to report hard news, police cases, arrests, protests in 2013 and the political agenda. It was such a wonderful opportunity to develop sharp skills in online journalism and it became essential for me before start working for brands,” said Ribeiro.

Last year, Ribeiro wrote for Mastercard Priceless Rio, sharing with readers different lifestyle, shopping, entertainment and tourism stories and tips of his home city of Rio De Janeiro. He says this transition began when he was working for Globo TV, and he is excited about where it is taking him.

“I have been experienced different styles of writing assignments during the past five years. I’ve started my career at Globo TV Network as a journalist, writing news and entertainment news for the largest media portal in Brazil, Before that, I had internships at important pay TV channels, having the chance to write a TV cultural agenda about music and movies, but was in Globo that my career as an online content writer took off - my name was everyday on reports that could reach over one million people per week or more. Concomitantly, I’ve being developing skills in Content Marketing and working as freelancer for important brands, such as Mastercard through a Content Marketing Company Skyword. I believe I can link very well skills from both, information and brand communication,” he described. “I believe my style is as versatile and adaptable as possible. Of course, I can’t write about every single thing in the world with a perfect message, but I try to combine hard research with words and sentences that match the product or subject that I’m working with. It is just evoking my sensibility to get in touch with the desirable speech for the client.”

For Ribeiro’s newest project, he has the ability to not only write, but help transform an industry. Welocalize is a music related Localization and Translation Company also working as a Content Marketing Agency. As Content Editor and Digital Music App Tester for a giant tech company from Silicon Valley, Ribeiro is in charge of the in Brazilian Portuguese aspect of the project.

“Welocalize is building a team of professionals with strong linguistic and creative writing skills to assist a fantastic project for this Fortune 100 client. So, I think it really meets my profile. A team that loves music and can write about it with fluidity, in tune with pop culture, editorial and or localization experience (translation, editing and proofreading) with focus in content editing and Quality Assurance,” said Ribeiro.

As a Brazilian Portuguese Music Content Editor, Ribeiro reviews, edits and rewrites playlist descriptions, titles, short notes, album reviews and almost all content regarding music for a music app, making his work essential to the project’s success. He edits music content received from external freelance writers for playlists, albums and artists/genre pages. He also edits radio station titles and short notes in order to provide a fun and catchy experience for users throughout out the music application, adapting the content according to the client guidelines, policies and strategies, without losing the right tone for our Brazilian target audience, ranging from 18 to 35 years old. He reviews, edits and writes messages, texts, tags and notes for promotional emails to Brazilian subscribers, and edits special pages dedicated to artists, music festivals, Brazilian local cultural movements and festivities.

“Since I'm an experienced online content writer, native Brazilian Portuguese speaker, and an editor in-tune with Brazilian trends, pop culture, editorial content and its variations, I can provide a unique contribution to Brazilian consumers. I'm used to work with online journalism for the main media conglomerate in Brazil but also to write content marketing articles for global brands, so I can provide high quality content in a nice and appealing way, with extraordinary grammar skills,” said Ribeiro. “Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I have a deep understanding about Brazilian Music, its genres and idiosyncrasies, being able to provide the right blend for the audience, meeting the client needs and goals while cheering up local artists, emerging music related movements and cultural topics.”

Ribeiro gives weekly feedback and ratings for external freelance writers and vendors regarding the quality of the delivered content, clarifying points that need to be tweaked, reinforcing the client voice and expectation about the brand and its editorial image and reassuring all content published is accurate, linguistically correct, music related and interesting to be read. According to Carolina Haro, Ribeiro’s manager, the client is extremely satisfied with the current result of the work done in the app pages, a large part due to Ribeiro’s work.

“Guilherme is a proactive professional with a lot of experience in creative writing. He is fitting very well in the project we have been working for, coming with creative input for a music related content. He is also very detail oriented, which is a very good quality for an Editor/Content Reviewer. He has a terrific writing in Brazilian Portuguese, with strong experience in media, news and entertainment in Brazil. This is very important in his current work, because our content editors have to be in tune with what is happening in their markets, what is trending regarding music and culture. His outstanding grammar in Brazilian Portuguese makes his work very unique, with full knowledge to guarantee a good quality of work for our client,” said Haro.

Ribeiro has been working on Welocalize since the beginning of last year, and with a talent like him on board, there is no doubt it will be a success.

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