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Model Francois Angoston is face of Macy's

Francois Angoston loves what he does. Being a model allows him to travel the world, experience new things, and represent brands he has admired since he was a child. There is nothing he’d rather do, and he is exceptionally good at it.

Originally from Guadeloupe, Angoston has made a name for himself as not only one of the best models from the Caribbean, but also as a leader in the industry, having quickly risen to the top of his field. There is no limit to what this model can accomplish, which is why the iconic department store Macy’s has had Francois model for them for the last three years.

“I wanted to work with Macy’s because they are one of the biggest brand here in the United States. Everybody knows about Macy’s, and being one of their models is a privilege. I knew it would be an amazing step in my career and so I gave the best I can, like always,” said Angoston.

Angoston first started to work with Macy’s doing E-Commerce shootings. After his success with shooting those photos for the website, Macy’s wanted him more regularly. He then started doing their television commercials, and then their catalogues.

“It went all pretty quick and after a short while, I became a Macy’s Model. Something, a lot of models dream of, so it’s a great pleasure for me,” he said. “I actually started E-Commerce when the commercial department in charge saw my Bonobos campaigns shot in New Orleans. The art director called my agency in New York and then asked for a meeting with me. That’s how I started to shoot Macy’s commercial content. And that’s why exposure is the best agent.”

Angoston has displayed a variety of styles for the popular department store, including smart casual, business chic, and holiday themes, and has showcased the store’s latest in jackets, sweaters, pants, shirts, and more, using his posing abilities, exotic facial features, and athletic physique, all the while looking completely natural. He is continuously sought-after for his versatility and talent.

“Working for Macy’s has always been a great experience. It’s like a big Macy’s family. They know what they want and they are very careful about details when it comes to lighting, the decors on set, or how they want you to show the clothes. I like their clear structure and I always enjoy working with them. I always feel very honored being part of that amazing Macy’s team,” Angoston described. “I like the fact Macy’s is very loyal to their models. They have been always very supportive with me and became a big part of my career. Seeing the results out there in the stores is quite a good feeling of satisfaction. When I receive the catalogue in my mail box and see the pictures we made together, it always gives me a big smile as the images give me back those memories of the shootings. And these memories are very good ones.”

Angoston impresses all he works with. Nadia Shahrik, the Director of the Men’s Division at Heroes Model Management New York City, says Angoston is one of the successful models in their roster. She believes his talent is important to a company like Macy’s.

“Francois adds to Macy’s legacy and continues to contribute to its reputation and commercial success in sales always increasing and bringing in ample revenue. The fact that Francois has remained a leading model for such a large company as Macy’s further cements his status as a top model,” said Shahrik.

Angoston continued this trend of success when working with the online retailer Bonobos, working on a number of print campaigns for the company for the last four years. Angoston’s ads have been featured around the country on billboards, fences, bus shelters, and in the streets.

“Francois certainly delivered the best possible modeling performances during these campaigns that they could have asked for, and they would not have been nearly as successful without him, making him utterly crucial to Bonobos in the United States for the past few years. The retailer surely saw increases in sales due to Francois’ extraordinary talent, and his value to the company is proven by their selection of him as a leading model,” Shahrik continued. “Francois is one of the most prolific and successful campaign models in the industry. He has a gift that is very rare in the modeling industry.”

The ads featured Angoston in a variety of different apparel, including sunglasses, flannels, and shirts. When he first went to the casting call, the clothes were a perfect fit. He says he felt like in that moment, both he and the client knew they were meant to work together.

“I really wanted to work with Bonobos because I loved their clothing brand from first sight. Being able to represent such a big and nice brand is obviously the ultimate reason why you want to book the job. But furthermore, I had a very good feeling with this client right from the beginning, as I liked their way of communication and image of the brand. When I knew that I would work with them, I was pretty happy because in this industry people look at what’s going around and they would see you for sure. And that’s what they did,” said Angoston.

For Angoston, he says the best feeling as a model is when you can identify with a brand, and that is exactly what he could do with Bonobos. He is always comfortable working, and that ease shows in his work, making it even more appealing.

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