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Daniel Doyle talks to a lot of people in his profession; what he usually tells them is “don’t play it safe and boring…go for what you want.” No, Doyle is not a motivational speaker. His vocation is as a hair colorist in London…an award winning one at that. Working in prestigious salons in this metropolis and receiving accolades from international names like Sassoon has gained Daniel notoriety for his talent and skill. His work has led to his enlistment for such internationally acclaimed events as the Paris Haute Couture Fashion week and others. In this present day society of Social Media ubiquity, the public is more aware than ever about their personal appearance and Doyle benefits from it. Rather than focusing on the superficial aspects of this, he prefers to share his personal story of growth and self-actualization. Daniel could have very easily followed a different path, as he did before happenstance reminded him that life was to be pursued rather than simply accepted. Regardless of what your desires and aspirations in life, the template provided by Doyle is applicable. His story is one of unexpected inspiration and achieving greatness. No one is happier or more surprised by this than Daniel himself.

Doyle’s life would make for an unassuming and heartfelt movie. As a young boy in Liverpool, he was always interested in styling hair. As he entered adulthood he entered into the family business in an attempt to be practical and responsible. His relationship with Sassoon started when a family friend told his mother about a course which Sassoon offered in London for beginning stylists. Daniel had always fancied hairdressing but had lent a helping hand in the family business which diverted him off course temporarily. As a dental practice manager he made a good living but knew it wasn't where his passion lied. Eventually realizing that time would not wait for him, Daniel packed his bags and bought a one-way ticket down to London. Friends and family were shocked; however, Liverpool is not foreign to the idea of those who dream for greatness moving to London.

Some names are so universally recognized that one immediately understands what being associated with them implies, Sassoon is one such name. In the same way that Oxford or Apple carries prestige and confidence, Doyle understood that Sassoon was his entry into his desired career. The ABC course which he enrolled in was Sassoon’s beginner course. This is a 30-week diploma covering the fundamentals of hairdressing and was a great first step for Daniel as it covered men & women’s cutting and color. The opportunity of touching base with each area and then deciding on which route to take was provided. Though eventually making the decision to pursue the avenue of hair colorist, Daniel considered one as stylist early on. During this period, he worked at the prestigious Neville hair & beauty salon in London. Daniel had followed the salon on social media for some time and was my thrilled that they offered him a position there. Beyond giving him the opportunity to put his newly acquired knowledge to work, Neville offered direct witness to the daily happenings in the field.

As they say, success is where preparation and opportunity meet. During his time with Sassoon, Daniel received the Color Award, recognizing his immense talent and incredible work. The catalyst for the award was Doyle’s work on a photoshoot at the Sassoon Salon in Knightsbridge. He describes, “The photo shoot was to showcase the skills I had acquired during the time on the course at Sassoon. I used this as a final presentation and also to kick start my portfolio. The whole shoot was my responsibility, from finding the models and photographer to putting together the looks. This was my first taste of the editorial side of hairdressing and I absolutely loved it. Rather than play it safe, I wanted to try something more edgy for the shoot. The reason I decided to go a little edgier was in large part due to my model. When she would come for the test shoots she was always dressed in heavier, darker materials and colors. Airy and floaty wasn’t her vibe at all. In my field, it is all about helping someone achieve the look that they desire and want to project about themselves. I saw where my model wanted to go and I took her there. Her look rocked! This led me to thinking that I should think outside the box and utilize this for the shoot. It’s not a look I would naturally gravitate towards so I embraced it and think it really paid off.” Sassoon agreed and emphasized this by giving Daniel the Color Award. Doyle’s street cred now had legitimate cred to back it up.

Almost instantly, Daniel became a sought after hair colorist in London as well as much of Europe. While stylists often travel to practice their craft, colorists build a rapport with many individuals in a salon setting. It’s a facet of the business that Doyle finds intuitive for himself. He comments, “There are many reasons I love being a colorist. A huge part of the job is interacting with people. This is where I come alive. I’m from Liverpool, talking is what we do! I would for sure say I’m a people person. That being said, doing the job I do and being as social as I am requires me to sometimes step back and have a little breather. I’m a chatter by nature, so after being on the go all day long you need to be careful you done burn out.” Still, there’s no escaping the communication involved in his career. Doyle adds, “I believe a common issue with colorists and clients is ensuring you’re both on the same page. Often the hardest part is understanding and translating what the client says they’re looking for. This is why coaxing the client into being as descriptive as possible about their desired color at the consultation is essential. We can only work with what we’re presented. Being honest with the colorist about the history (previous colors, box dyes) makes life a lot easier for everybody; in fact, being honest in your life is a good general rule.”

With a thriving and lauded career, Daniel Doyle affirms to those in his midst that you must seek out the future you desire for yourself; it might possibly reveal you to be an award-winning talent as it has for him. He professes, “I’m so very grateful to have started my journey with and be a part of the Sassoon family. Working alongside so many passionate people is amazing. You can’t help but feel as though its rubs off on you. I’ve always been a firm believer in like attracts like. Yes, I’ve read and reread the secret and I feel that it contains words to live by. Sassoon is a name that bares great weight in our industry because of the strong ethos and high standard they’ve always produced. It’s an honor to have my name associated with it.”

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