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Anton Engel talks dancing alongside pop mega-group Fifth Harmony

When Anton Engel was just 13, he realized his passion in life. There was something about moving along to music that was not just a pastime to him, but a lifestyle. Dancing became not just a workout, but a language. Anton Engel embodies music, and those that watch him dance know this to be true.

Engel’s passion and innate talent as a dancer were evident from a young age. Starting as a break dancer, he formed a group and competed around his home country of Switzerland. Eventually he started learning other types of dancing, which has contributed to his large success.

Fresh off his UK tour with the celebrated glamor group The Dreamboys, Engel has no plans of slowing down. He has performed for the royal family in London with the Royal Variety, danced at the BBC awards with almost 5 million watching from home, and welcomed the new year dancing for Alan Carr’s New Year Specstacular. Earlier this year, he lived out a childhood fantasy, dancing with a hit music artist. And what a way to live your dream, dancing alongside the internationally chart-topping group Fifth Harmony.

“The experience was amazing. I really enjoyed the work atmosphere. It was very relaxed but at the same time everyone was on it since we knew what a big deal it was. The crowd was on fire and the performance couldn’t have gone better. Every single person on that stage is one of UKs best dancer and it was a great feeling to share the stage with those people and knowing that I am part of that group,” said Engel.

The experience allowed Engel to showcase his talents as both a dancer and model. The role required someone with not only the extreme good looks that it would take to model, but also someone who could move and dance like a professional. Few could fit that role, but Engel is definitely one of them. Starting their first day at none other than Buckingham Palace, the dancers had a photoshoot with the girl group.

“The artists in Fifth Harmony are very nice and very humble,” described Engel. “And it was a great feeling to know that I was booked to do both my passions of modelling and dancing. It gave me the confidence that I have the right look and the talent that goes with it.”

The following day was the performance at Heaven in Central London. Some parts of the performance were choreographed, and some were free movement. Learning the choreography in a short period of time and being able to freestyle was a must, and Engel took the challenge with confidence.

Anton Engel

“It was scary to know that I would have to improvise. I tried to prepare a few moves but you

never know what the circumstances are on stage. In the moment everything worked out, and luckily Fifth Harmony and I had a good connection. Everything went smoothly and I wouldn’t change anything I did.”

These thoughts are echoed by the choreographer of the show, Shaun Niles. Niles describes working with Engel as an absolute pleasure.

“Both Anton’s professionalism and approach to working with such a high caliber artist were perfect. There are many things that make Anton so good at what he does, like his confidence whilst performing; he really engages and connects with his audience,” said Niles. “Also, his vocabulary of movement, and finally his humble nature and the fact he is always willing to learn and improve his talent.”

Niles is a celebrated choreographer, and Engel was thrilled at the opportunity to work and learn from someone so talented. Previously, Engel has taken his master classes, and always enjoyed them.

“Working with Shaun thought me a lot. I realized that bringing your personality to the stage was really important so that you can stand out compare to the norm. Shaun was very nice throughout the whole process and made me feel confident,” said Engel.

Although the performance was in April 9th, 2016, it was an experience that will stay with Engel forever.

“Having the honor to dance for one of today’s biggest pop artists has always been on my bucket list. It makes me feel like all this hard work has paid off,” said Engel.

Those in Las Vegas have the opportunity to experience the sensation of Engel’s dancing. He is currently performing for Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike Live.

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