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Leticia Valenca's Intelligent Approach to the Época Cosmetics Campaign

Leticia Valença knows what it means to be an incredible success in the world of advertising. The conversation of women and power is more topical now than perhaps ever before and Valena continually proves that her career is not to be measured my any previously set metric. You’re just as apt to discover Leticia through her work on gubernatorial and senate campaigns as in the world of advertising. You might even find out that she’s been working with influencers like Julia Petit. Leticia is an immensely respected and valued creative strategist and copywriter in Brazil. In addition to her skills, this talent is known for her rebuke of labels which seek to define what arena her skills might be restricted to. As a force behind some of the biggest and most successful campaigns for megastore Magazine Luiza, she has risen to the level of one of the most talked about leaders in her field. Her work with Y&R as well as Ogilvy Brasil has placed her in the enviable position of garnering worldwide acclaim whether promoting sales or environmentally conscious campaigns.

Valença is adamant that no matter who you are working to promote, the same template applies; research them and define who their target audience is. This is as applicable for a politician as for a company like Época Cosméticos. This ecommerce Brazilian company teaches and inspires clients to play in the world of beauty. Owned by Brazilian mega-company Magazine Luiza, Época Cosméticos offers a diversified mix of fragrances, skincare, makeup, as well as body and hair products. Leticia was the creative strategist for a campaign which featured fashion icon and influencer Julia Petit for Época Cosméticos. Leticia’s skills were vitally important for this campaign as it was the cosmetic company’s first foray into TV. The use of Petit was a major contributor to this. Valença concedes, “The budget for the campaign was tight and the challenge was big. The TV commercial was intended to help reach a wider audience so we decided to use Julia Petit. As a famous Brazilian vlogger, internet influencer, and TV hostess with a legion of followers on YouTube and Instagram; her beauty, fashion, and life style advice was ideal.” Of course, just having a highly recognizable face wasn’t the only requirement for this venture. Leticia continues, “When it comes to choosing someone to advocate for a brand, we need to be careful. There’s a major difference between those who are truly advocates promoting what they believe in and those motivated by money. We don’t want to have a brand attached to someone with a bad reputation that can harm the brand image. It helps a lot when you find someone that your target admires and who also wants to say good things about your brand/product. As a fan of Julia Petit, this project made me very happy by giving me the chance to have her on my campaign.”

This project achieved the goal that Valença always aspires to, creating attention in a respectful and poised manner. The disposition and sincerity of Julia Petit is an example which informs the customer that expressing yourself with their product is something that you do to feel better; because it’s for you. (watch the ad here: )

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